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5 Family Reading Tips that Will Help Your Children Read More by Yaiqab Saint
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POPULAR SCIENCE INTERVIEW: Along with running the free world, President Barack Obama has spent the past seven years guiding U.S. science and technology policy. The initiatives and goals he puts in place—in clean energy, space, medicine, educat ...
Posted Saturday, February 13th 2016 at 11:44AM
by: agnes levine | post comment
Spoil Him While You Still Can (10 hits)
I sometimes look at relationships and I wonder how they last. Who am I to talk, I was married for 12 years and it didn’t work. Truthfully, that should be an even better reason for you to listen to me on what I have to say. People think just becaus ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 8:49PM
by: LaTonya MeChelle | post comment
My Funny Valentine...... (12 hits)
My best Valentine’s Ever…… After being married for 12 years in a god awful abusive marriage with no substance and then afterwards, being in a relationship with someone who seemed to always be working or missing in action on Valentine’s day, this ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 8:47PM
by: LaTonya MeChelle | post comment
LOVE NOTES' And so... on (59 hits)
THERE ARE AMONG THE MILLIONS THAT READ: My Dear God of Love: I love Thee forever. . . And so. . . on. --MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRY LOVE NOTES' FOR VALENTINE'S DAYFeb2016Copyrighted. SHOW LOVE. ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 9:31AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
LOVE NOTES' Unlimited (44 hits)
THAT SOUNDS... LORD OF LOVE. . .. Love you have shown me has no limitations of freedom. I listen to them in the voices of Thy Spirit. I never finish to an ending... Your love is titled UNLIMITED. --MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRY LOVE ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 9:24AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
Love! I am tickled with tears! My mouth laughs out loud.... What was that My Lord Love? Did you say: "You love me anyway...." Look at me. . how joyful! --MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRY LOVENOTES' FOR VALENTINE'S DAYFeb2016Copyrighted. ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 9:11AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
LOVE NOTES' Meaningful. . . . (43 hits)
READING: My God! My God! Why I am not forsaken?. . . . It is because you have cared for me with the greatest gift! You loved me! Isn't this meaningful? Yea, Aye...My Lord. It is to me. --MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRY LOVENOTES FOR V ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 9:03AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
LOVE NOTES' I Can Continue... (43 hits)
THIS LOVE NOTE READS. . . Lover God: I am well in the soul. I have the intimacy of gladness and grace. My heart is exalted in thinking of you forever. I can continue... Loving YOU. No death shall keep me from THY LOVE. --MIISRAEL WINN ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 8:57AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
LOVE NOTES' For Valentines (49 hits)
THIS ONE READS: My Dearest Perfect Love: Cards and letters, candy and flowers... all resources that are given for Valentine's Day. For you. .. For Valentine's I'm sending YOU Love Notes' --MIISRAEL WINNIESPOETRY LOVE NOTES'Feb2016 ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 8:49AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
MEDITATE NOW! Positive Energy and Clearing the Mind (95 hits)
A MEDITATION: Repeat several times in quietness ; OR while you listen to this meditation music provided : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kulGYGaKfNA I SEE GOODNESS IN MY SERVICE TO OTHERS. I PRESENT MY BODY AS GOD'S SERVANT. I CLE ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 8:30AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
Hello. . . . SPEAKING! 02.12.2016 (60 hits)
Your speaking always matters as to what you're saying is understood. . . . WHEN SPEAKING DO SO WITH UNDERSTANDING. TO BE UNDERSTOOD MATTERS IN WHAT IS GOD PLEASING. Hello....SPEAKING! presented by MIISRAEL ...
Posted Friday, February 12th 2016 at 7:37AM
by: MIISRAEL Bride | post comment
Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born into a musical family on 9 August 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, the daughter of gospel star Cissy Houston, cousin of singing star Dionne Warwick and goddaughter of soul legend Aretha Franklin. She began singing i ...
Posted Thursday, February 11th 2016 at 5:00PM
by: Siebra Muhammad | post comment
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