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Defining Black Women
Black Women Black women represent one of the wealthiest and most influential demographics on the planet. We are extremely goal-oriented and career-driven, and we are very entrepreneurial. We are more likely to start a business, be successful in business, create jobs, and give back to our communities.
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" the journey"
lose weight 5 lbs in 5 days
joy in the morning! 11.27.2015
a flee market
i lost 12lbs in 11 days and i feel blessed.
new webisode: those who walk among us! trailer 2
joy in the morning! thanksgiving day 2015
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homebased business ideas you can start for under $100
finally, a full skincare line for african skin types!
invitation to class-berry.com
join the social commerce revolution
a new relationship website marriage-exposed.com
here's my introduction
creating an enticing online presence for your small business
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dr. nina cherie franklin just became friends with christian odle.
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dr. nina cherie franklin just became friends with jaqulyn rene.
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cheryl booker just posted a photos entitled 'lose weight 5 lbs in 5 days'.
cheryl booker just posted a blog entitled 'i lost 12lbs in 11 days and i feel blessed. '.
yaiqab saint just posted a blog entitled 'soulful tasty by soulseo dee j on mixcloud { saturday night weekend mix for your delight }'.
paula mcintosh just posted a blog entitled 'praying for peace'.
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PAID Internships with Cardinal Health - Apply Today or Spread the Word! (1724 hits)
Are you looking for a Summer Internship that allows you the opportunity to work on meaningful and exciting projects? Cardinal Health’s Summer Internship Program gives you just that, as well as a solid foundation for your future.
Posted on 10/25/2015 by Will Moss
You Are The Mother: Sherri Shepherd Loses Maternity Battle With Lamar Sally (1016 hits)
Sherri Shepherd may not be able to shake off her parental responsibilities for her surrogate child with estranged husband Lamar Sally.
Posted on 04/22/2015 by Jeni Fa
T S A Agrees to Stop Singling Out Black Women For Hair Searches (821 hits)
 TSA, the nation’s Transportation Security Administration, has agreed to stop searching through the hair of African American women who wear all natural hairstyles. The agency said
Posted on 05/04/2015 by Jeni Fa
D . L . Hughley Breaks Down Explaining His Son’s Asperger’s Syndrome Breakthrough (998 hits)
One of the Original Kings of Comedy, DL Hughley is widely known for his quick-witted humor, his ability to find the funny in today’s political issues and holding his own with friends like Cedric The Entertainer and the late, great Bernie Mac. Yet, in his “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” interview, the husband and father of three shares a side of himself that the public rarely, if
Posted on 05/06/2015 by Jeni Fa
Here's Who's Helping Hundreds Of Pregnant, Rescued Boko Haram Kidnapping Victims (895 hits)
 Among the Boko Haram kidnapping victims recently rescued were at least 214 pregnant women and girls, according to the UNFPA. Thanks to a new infusion of armory,
Posted on 05/07/2015 by Jeni Fa
Jay Z and Beyonce Want to Put You in a Vegan State of Mind (2715 hits)
As revolutions go, the one Beyoncé and Jay Z are planning - to make the world go vegan - got off to a start somewhat more subdued than Queen Bey’s sheer Met Gala gown.
Posted on 05/10/2015 by Elynor Moss
Tassels Turn for Four Graduates in the Same Family (849 hits)
Graduating is the pinnacle achievement in most young people’s lives. It is the culmination of several years of learning, growing and maturing into someone that is prepared to produce positive results that will serve themselves and society productively. One local family will get to experience the joy and celebrations that graduating brings four times in less than a month as the entire fami
Posted on 05/12/2015 by Reggie Culpepper
5 Family Reading Tips that Will Help Your Children Read More (563 hits)
By Renee Thompson Many parents recognize the joys of reading to their children. Story time is a cherished tradition in many homes; however, there is a deeper level of literacy
Posted on 05/17/2015 by Yaiqab Saint
"The Journey" (471 hits)
" Tea For Two" Jane had received a call from one of her friends one Monday morning (Marilyn); that she had been friends with for years. Marilyn had asked Jane what was she doing. She respond back; setting here checking out my do a list of what I need to do for this entire week. "Well how would you like to come over
Posted on 05/17/2015 by Sister Betty Jo
Over 80% of Police Force Resigns on the Spot When Missouri Town Elects First Black Female Mayor (850 hits)
The city of Parma, Missouri, elected a new mayor for the first time in 37 years. Her welcome package to the job: Over 80% of the town’s police force resigned, effective immediately
Posted on 04/21/2015 by Jeni Fa
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